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Do I Really Need To Hire a Credit Monitoring Expert?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, August 21st, 2011

You often might be receiving some mails or brochures from companies offering their credit monitoring expertise. While reading the services and the benefits they could offer, you might actually go for one. But the truth is that it is not a real requirement. As some people say, you can do what these credit monitoring stuff yourself. There are some resources that you can follow if there are some aspects of it that you really can’t understand. While most people believe that it is an optional thing, for people who had been once the victim of credit card or identity thieves then it can be a must.

There had been a lot of cases when identity thieves went undetected for years where the account holders are not aware of the crime because they don’t really check on their credit report. For a simpler understanding, credit monitoring is a process where each and every transaction made under your account are monitored and reported immediately to confirm if the transaction tracked was legitimate or not. If you can’t be too vigilant with your credit report then having someone to do it for you is a better option.

Like earlier said, you have the option to use or not to use a monitoring service but if you choose to do it yourself then here are some reminders for you:

Make sure that you are very careful with all your personal information especially social security numbers and credit card information. have a regular checking of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus like the Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Once you see any error report and dispute it as soon as possible. Any errors not reported immediately may bring more damage to your credit score and history.

If you don’t know any credit monitoring company in your area then check the Web; it can give you a lot other options. Are you having second thoughts of having the service due to the cost? You better not worry about this part for reasonable offers are dominant in the market. Shop and compare the rates from as many companies as you can. You don’t just have to check on the fees but their reputation as well. If you find some forum sites that talks negative about a company you are considering then keep researching; it ay be true or not so do your homework.

It is every consumer’s right to have a free report from their credit bureaus and this is one very important thing any consumer should know, if a bureau or company that issued the report cannot in any way prove that such errors should be in your report then they should be deleted without any farther dispute.

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