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What are the diverse procedures of credit monitoring?

By Derek Brown
Published: Sunday, January 24th, 2010
  1. Getting timely credit reports
    A regular request for credit reports would ensure that you are able to keep a track of your finances. This way you can also note your dues and debts, and contact your credit bureaus to get three, different credit reports. This way you can get at least one free credit report, every 4 months to keep a regular check of all previously cleared debts and ensure that the details are correctly mentioned.
  2. Repaying smaller dues 
    It should be kept in mind that instead of always clearing bigger dues you should try and get rid of the smaller debts. This ensures that you can pay them off easily and also improve your credit scores constantly. 
  3. Don’t close your old accounts
    Remember that it is not advised to close your older accounts, which have good credit records. Doing so would only make the bad credit report worse and these accounts should be kept open as they provide you with a possibility to keep your credit scores in check. This would also mean that you get higher benefits from them, and in the long run are able to retain good credit scores.

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