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Can I rely on rapid fixes for errors on my credit report?

By Derek Brown
Published: Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Credit is a big business. From the advent of the credit card use to the flourishing of its popularity more and more people are making businesses out of it. For every encountered problems the solution is always a business opportunity. This scenario is not just an event where choices are laid down for consumers to pick what they think are the best, it is also an affair where scams are hidden among the choices and threat is in every corner.

Credit reports are crucial documents that are basis for a person’s credit worthiness. They can seriously damage one’s reputation in an instant thus this document is ideally error-free. However this is never the case for credit histories mostly contain wrong information. What makes this worse is that unlike any regular documents containing errors you can just retype them and easily eliminate the error made but for credit records errors cannot be easily detected and they can lead to serious problems. Errors in credit records can lead to denial of loans or suffering from high rates.

Whether you have a good standing or a bad credit record having additional erroneous information on your account would really be a big problem thus taking them out of your system will make you feel a lot better. And nowadays we just love quick ways on how to handle things. We are so used to progress or processes that can be done in an instant. In credit world quick fixes also are being offered by service providers. Who would not want their problems taken away in the fastest way possible?

One important thing that should be taken into consideration about quick fixes is of course the liability of the service. Several companies are offering such service thus one must not just rejoice about having several options but one must also be more careful in picking service provider. The innovation called rapid rescoring is the service that somehow hastens fixing errors in the credit history. Normally it would take months to straighten up things like this but rapid rescoring can offer as fast as 72 hours. To avoid being scammed with this kind of service take note of the following things rapid rescoring can do. If your provider claims that they can remove negative items like late payments on your account well drop the offer. Rapid rescoring can only fix on-time payments mistakenly recorded as late. Also rapid rescoring can take care of your too old records which were overlooked by credit bureaus and remove accounts that were erroneously placed under your account.

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