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What Should Be Done to Avoid Being Victimized by Identity Theft?

By Derek Brown
Published: Monday, July 25th, 2011

There are a lot of things you can do to avoid becoming a victim or at least lower the risk of identity theft.  You should be careful in giving out your personal information.  Your personal information is way too valuable to be handed out just like that.  Do not just give it out without knowing why it is needed.  Make sure that the reason why it is necessary is explained thoroughly to you.  The company or person asking for it should be trusted to make sure that it will not be used against you.  If you get calls offering credit card promos and they ask for your personal information, ask them to send you a written form that you can fill up and send back to them  If they refuse or say that they do not do that, hang up.  If they agree, review everything written in the form that they will send you.  Make sure that it came from a well-known and trusted company.

Always check all your transaction history to check for any issues that might lead to identity theft.  Check for negative items that indicate big payments for things you did not purchase from stores you never went to.  Make sure you keep track of all your transactions to avoid making mistakes when you need to dispute.

Ask for you credit report regularly.  It should list all bank accounts under your name.  Check on all the other information listed as well.  It should be in accordance with all the details you have provided them.  It should indicate anything suspicious.  This should be acted upon immediately to catch a possible case of identity theft.

Compile records of your financial and banking accounts.  Although banks have a policy of keeping records of all your transactions, it is still recommended that you have a copy of them as well in case banks will lose their copies.  These are important when you have disputes as well.  You would be able to check it on your own and you will have a tangible proof of all your transactions.

There are a lot of thing you can do to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.  It is important that you understand all transactions you get into and that you are dealing with a trusted company.  This will not completely keep you away from scams and fraud, but it would be helpful that you consider these things to avoid the risk of getting victimized.

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