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Free Experian credit report and scores Free 7 - day trial; $14.95/mo All three bureaus Unlimited free Experian credit reports and scores; monitors 3 bureaus 5 Stars If you perform a search on Google for website offering credit report and credit score monitoring services, you will indeed find a lot of them pretty easily. However, you just cannot be too sure about the quality of the services that they offer, and here is where reviews of such services come in handy. One of the websites that has garnered a lot of positive reviews from both consumers and critics is actually

With your subscription to, you get to enjoy a lot of perks and benefits. First off, you get a printable copy of your credit report for free. This piece of document is very important, considering that a lot of figures are plotted on this report. Aside from your free printable copy, you also get extensive monitoring of the 3 credit reports generated by the major bureaus in the industry, namely TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. This is a beneficial feature to have as well because you can keep track of the scores and figures that comprise your credit profile. And if that is not enough, you also get a free computation of your Experian credit score!

But what really makes great in the industry is the fact that it provides its subscribers a 7-day trial period. During this period, subscribers can then take advantage and sample the features of the package itself, as if they did purchase the service. There might be some occasions where credit monitoring would not start as soon as the trial subscription pushes through but once the service does start, the results are exemplary and worth the wait.

Of course, since this is just a trial period, then you cannot really expect to enjoy the service for good without having to pay for it. After the trial period, if you wish to continue the service, then you will be billed $14.95 a month for every succeeding month that you use the service. The first charge will be reflected on your credit card bill only on the 8th day after you sign up for the subscription. Thus, if you just want to sample the features and you do not want to be charged for the service, then do not forget to cancel your subscription within your trial period. Otherwise, your credit or debit card will be automatically charged the amount of $14.95.

Do not worry about canceling the service in the future though because you can indeed do this. If, at some point in time, you decide to cancel the service and you have already started with your monthly subscription, you can still do this by contacting's customer support team any time of the day. You can do so by sending an email to's customer support time, with a contact link available on the website itself.

One outstanding fact about is that it takes on a very direct approach to informing their subscribers about the charges carried over beyond the trial period. Unlike other services, explicitly indicates on their website the need to cancel a subscription within the trial period to avoid future charges. Other services would hide this in fine print but is extremely straightforward about this, making it one of the preferred services because of its direct and honest approach.